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Die französischen weine
Die französischen weine
Die französischen weine
Die französischen weine

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B a n d o l

An ideal level of sunshine, just the right amount of rain and a perfect soil, this explains why the wines of Bandol have been famous for a thousand years.
Particularly delicious, with aromas of fruit and flowers, are the white wines. These pale golden wines represent only 5% of the regions output.
The rosé wines, although pale in colour are far from being pale in taste.
It is the red wines that are the pick of the crop. Dark garnet, they are rich in tannins and can be a little rude in their youth. All they ask is the time to mature and to develope their bouquet of red fruits, slightly peppery, with hints of liquorice and vanilla. They are an excellent accompaniment to game and red meats in sauce.

C ô t e s   d e   P r o v e n c e

The extent of this area of production means that there is not ONE “Côtes de Provence” but SEVERAL“Côtes de Provences”.

It is true that the climate is very similar throughout; sunshine and moderate rainfall, but it is the little things that make the differance. The coastal regions of this region have mild winters and warm summers but the inland areas have very cold winters and July and August are extremerly hot. If the differences of the winds and the multitude of varieties of grapes are added to the human factors in the wines production, it is easy to understand why one wine can delight and another can disapoint.

As a general rule, the whites, about 10% of the output, are sometimes tender when they come from the coast, sometimes more agressive when from the hills. They are an excellent accompanyment to seafood and to goats cheeses.

The rosés are very varied in colour, aroma and flavour, but when they come from a good producer they remain excellent throughout the meal, particularly on a nice sunny day.
Over 60% of the total output is of these rosé wines.

The reds, little known or even unknown, often merit the sometimes mediocre reputation they have gained with some southern consumers. They are sometimes light, fresh and impish, perfect accompaniments to grilled meats particularly lamb. Sometimes they can be powerful, warm and with a strong bouquet, perfect for dishes with a sauce, quite as good as some “great” wines from the Bourgogne, Bordeaux or the Côtes du Rhone.

A family rooted in Wine-making traditions...
L E S   D O M A I N E S   B U N A N

Tradition serves as a touchstone for the Domaines Bunan. Tradition upheld and enriched day after day by the progress of modern nology, allowing only those improvements which facilitate and serve tradition. Reds, roses and whites are made in the traditionnal manner, each strain of grape being vinified separately, after rigourous screening of fruit during hand picking and careful transport to avoid crushing the bunches.
All vinification, maturation and storage is temperature-controlled in our plant and cellars.

Die Domaines Bunan...


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